Services Fees

Service Charge – Hong Kong Securities

Standard brokerage commission ## (please refer to explanation below)
Brokerage commission for internet trading 0.18% or minimum HK$50
Brokerage commission for non-internet trading 0.25% or minimum HK$100

For large trading clients, please negotiate commissions with your account executives


Trading Fees and Other Transaction Levy

Transaction Fee (for HKEX) 0.0050% of transaction amount
Transaction Levy (for SFC) 0.0027% of transaction amount
Settlement Fee (for CCASS) 0.0100% of transaction amount
Stock Stamp Duty (for HKSAR Gov't) 0.1000% of transaction amount

Effective Date: 2nd Jan, 2020

## For clients please negotiate with your account executives

If there is any changes regarding the above brokerage commission and trading fee schedule, Fair Eagle Securities Company Limited will not inform clients separately.


Arrangement of Physical Scripts and Settlement Services – Hong Kong Securities

Central Clearing Fee for CCASS 0.015% of transaction amount (minimum HK$10)
Physical Scripts Deposit HK$5 * (per stock certificate or transfer slip)
SI – Receipt (electronic stock) Free of Charge
Dividend collection 0.5% of the dividend amount (minimum HK$28) *
Withdrawal of Physical Scripts

HK$5 per board lot (Min. HK$50)

(Round up to the nearest board lot)

SI – Delivery (electronic stock)

0.025% of stock market value as per settlement

(minimum HK$25 for each stock number)

Exercise of Equity Warrants HK$1 per lot (minimum HK$50)
Privatisation of Equities HK$1/lot + stamp duty (minimum HK$50)

Securities Trading Account Services

Procurement of Statement


Overdue for 1 month: HK$50 (Each statement)

(Minimum HK$300)

CHATS/Cheque Re-issue/Bounced Cheque HK$100 per request
Company Letter of Proof HK$200 per letter

Over Due Interest##

Cash Account

Overdue settlement or negative balance : Currently at about 14.59% (annual interest rate)

(The minimum charge is HK$4 per day)

Margin Account

Negative balance : Currently at about 8% (annual interest rate)

(The minimum charge is HK$4 per day)


Internet Real-time Stock Price Quotation Service

Internet real-time stock price quotation (monthly service fee)***

***Client will have to pay HK$300 for services in the first month; starting from the second month, if client's securities trade transactions amount to HK$1,000,000, the monthly service fee for this month will be waived.

Effective Date: 2nd Jan, 2020

* odd lot will be treated as one lot

## The interest rate will be adjusted in accordance with the Hong Kong Bank Union's Prime Rate.

If there is any changes regarding the above fee schedule, Fair Eagle Securities Company Limited will not inform clients separately.